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NCCA Online Courses

Here's how the NCCA online courses program works:

The minimum system requirements for NCCA online course are: 1.3 GHz processor, 512K memory, 400mg free hard drive space, Internet Explorer 6.0 or better (will also work with Chrome or Firefox), and high speed internet service helps but is not required.
  1. Student enrolls in Pillsbury College & Seminary, paying $50 registration fee. (PayPal is available)

  2. Student indicates on registration form his/her choice of taking NCCA courses on-line, rather than receiving textbooks and examinations through the Postal Service. * All NCCA courses are not available on-line. (Hardcopies of text and workbooks are available for an additional charge.)

  3. Upon receipt of student's initial payment ($750 for master's; $900 for doctorate), PCS will provide the password allowing the student to access the selected course from NCCA's web-site.

  4. Student may choose to print out the textbook for personal use, download the materials to his/her computer, or work directly on-line. (Students should download PDF files to computer in case of deactivation.)

  5. Student is allowed 30 days to complete the course and submit the completed examination(s). There will be no additional charge if the course is completed in the first 30 days.

  6. PCS will make a $7 per month charge for each 30-day extension beyond the first month. (This fee is will be added to the student's tuition at PCS.)

  7. An additional fee of $7 is charged if a student cannot complete a course and enroll in the next course in a 30 day timeframe.

  8. To avoid this $7 additional fee, you must contact PCS to de-activate you on-line access to NCCA if you cannot finish the course, take the test and enroll in another course in a 30 day timeframe. When you are ready to take the test and enroll in the next course contact PCS and we will reactivate your on-line access to NCCA and you would have 30 days to take the test and enroll in the next course and finish it or de-activate again to avoid a $7 charge. The 30 day timeframe starts again when you re-activate to take the test.

  9. Students may request to take the examination on-line at any time while the course is activated. Answers to the 50-question multiple choice examinations are submitted to and graded by NCCA with immediate results.

  10. PCS will transfer all grades and assign the appropriate credit to the student's transcript.

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Affordable Distance Learning Education

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