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Bi-Vocational Ministers

Free Tuition Offer for Bi-Vocational Ministers

Pillsbury College & Seminary is offering bi-vocational (part-time) ministers a Bachelor of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies (B.Min.) tuition-free! Qualifying ministers pay a small registration fee of $50, the cost of textbooks at $20 per course, and a $50 graduation fee upon completion of coursework. Take one course a month…and pay as you go!

You could earn an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies) without existing college or transfer credits in only 20 months. If you already have earned college credits to be transferred to Pillsbury College & Seminary, you could complete your degree in as little as six months. (Thirty credit hours must be earned at PCS). This B.Min. degree regularly costs $8,400 at Pillsbury (120 credit hours @ $70 per cr. hr.), but this tuition-free degree is made available through the love and generosity of Christian individuals and churches who financially underwrite the ministries of FreeWay Foundation.

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Affordable Distance Learning Education

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