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Biblical Studies  

Undergraduate Biblical Studies  

Dr. Curt Scarborough, founder and Chancellor of Pillsbury College & Seminary, has developed an extensive overview study of the Bible for undergraduate students who have little or no formal Bible college or seminary training. The Biblical Studies series contains 20 survey courses covering a chapter-by-chapter study of all 66 Old and New Testament books.

Each of the 20 courses is worth 5 undergraduate credit hours.

The textbooks for the Biblical Studies tracks include:

* The Holy Bible (The student may choose which version to use; Dr. Curt Scarborough's notes follow the New King James Version.)

*Personal & Practical by Dr. Curt Scarborough
Vol. 1: Old Testament Law
Vol. 2: Old Testament History
Vol. 3: Old Testament Poetry
Vol. 4: Old Testament Prophecy
Vol. 5: New Testament

The student is required to read the assigned Bible book(s) and the matching section of the appropriate textbook. The student then takes a proctored, closed-book final examination on the material covered. This final examination grade is the student's grade for the course.

As an option, the student may choose to take the final examination as a non-proctored, open-book test, but 10 points will be subtracted from the final grade. (For example, if the student makes a 96 on the final exam, using an "open-book" a grade of 86 will be entered on his/her transcript.)

Graduate Biblical Studies by Private Mentoring 

Dr. Curt Scarborough, founder and Chancellor of Pillsbury College & Seminary, is available to mentor a limited number of mid-career Christian ministers on a one-on-one basis. He will personally tutor mature graduate-level students one day per month . . . any day of the week except Sunday.

Here's how this Biblical Studies program works:

1. A minister enrolls in the Biblical Studies track, agreeing to spend a minimum of 10 hours a week in disciplined private devotions under the guidance of Dr. Curt Scarborough.

2. The goal is to develop personal and practical notes on selected portions of Scripture within one year (on all 260 chapters in the New Testament, for example). The mentoring partner will write on at least five chapters each week, focusing on a few chosen verses in each chapter and using a suggested simple outline:
(1) Concentration
(2) Meditation
(3) Revelation
(4) Applications
3. Every four to six weeks, the mentoring partner will meet with Dr. Scarborough personally (or by telephone or online) to review the work, to compare spiritual insights, to discuss revealed truths, and to sharpen each other's ministry skills. (See Rom. 1:11-12). At each monthly meeting, the previous month's work will be reviewed and discussed, new assignments will be made, and the next appointment will be scheduled.

4. At the end of one year, the mentoring partner in this example would have produced a 260-page personal and practical devotional commentary on the entire New Testament . . . to use in his preaching and teaching, to publish as a book, to preserve and pass along to this family, and to serve as a resource for mentoring others.

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