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Bi-Vocational Ministers

Bi-Vocational Ministers Tuition Discount Program

The Board of Regents has approved a special tuition discount for qualifying bi-vocational ministers seeking an Associate or Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Studies degree. A bi-vocational minister is generally defined as a minister who requires a second income to meet basic household expenses while serving as a pastor or member of a church pastoral staff. On occasion exceptions to this rule may be made at the discretion of Administration. Special arrangements and exceptions to this program may also be made for collaborations with other ministry schools or groups. This program is underwritten by the support of church, individual, business, and foundation donors. We encourage churches with enrolled ministers/students to support Pillsbury/FreeWay through their church budget.

Bi-vocational minister student charges for undergraduate courses
Textbooks $ 15 each (regularly $30)
Tuition $   5 per credit hour (regularly $77)
   For a 3 credit hour course:
   Textbook $ 15
   Tuition $ 15 (3 cr. hrs. X $5)
   Total $ 30
   For a 5 credit hour course:
   Textbook $ 15
   Tuition $ 25 (5 cr. hrs. X $5)
   Total $ 40
Associate of Ministry in Biblical Studies Degree (60 undergraduate credit hours)
Registration Fee $   50
20 Textbooks @ $15 $ 300
60 Cr. Hrs. @ $5 $ 300
Graduation Fee $   50
Total $ 700
Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Studies Degree (120 undergraduate credit hours)
Registration Fee $   50
20 Textbooks @ $15 $ 300
100 Cr. Hrs. @ $5 $ 500
20 Life Learning Cr. Hrs.     NC
Graduation Fee $   50
Total $ 900

  • Textbooks may be purchased by non-enrolled students for $25 each.
  • Pillsbury makes no charge for Life Learning Experience credits earned.
  • The above examples of degrees do not include any credits a student may have earned at another college or seminary. Pillsbury makes no charge for transferring credits from another school onto a student's PCS transcript.
  • A student typically completes one course per month.
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