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Christian Distance Learning Degrees Offered by Pillsbury College & Seminary 

:: Undergraduate Degrees (High School Diploma Required):

Ministry Counseling
Associate of Ministry (AMin) 60 hrs.Associate of Biblical Counseling (ABC) 60 hrs.
Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) 120 hrs. Bachelor of Biblical Counseling (BBC) 120 hrs.

:: Master's Degrees (Bachelor's Degree Required):

Master of Ministry (MMin) 30 hrs. Master of Christian Counseling (MCC) 45 hrs.
Master of Theology (ThM)   60 hrs. Master of Christian Psychology(CpsyM)75 hrs.
Master of Divinity (MDiv) 90 hrs. 

:: Doctoral Degrees (Master's Degree Required):

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) 30 hrs.
(90 hr. Master's or equivalent required)
Doctor of Christian Counseling (DCC) 60 hrs.
(75 hr. Master's or equivalent required)
Doctor of Theology (ThD)  60 hrs.
(2nd doctorate)
Doctor of Christian Psychology (CPsyD) 75 hrs.
(2nd Doctorate: DCC plus 45 hrs.)

Please note that our degrees are "stackable" - the required hours within each degree level are cumulative. For example, a ministerial student can start with the MMin degree, complete it, then transfer all the hours earned to the next degree, and so on.

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