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Drug & Violence Prevention - Guest Speakers  

Drug & Violence Prevention
Specialists Available for Christian Groups


FreeWay Foundation has a limited number of dates available for trained and experienced Christian Prevention Specialists to teach drug or violence prevention in Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, or church camps, grades K-12.

These teachers are available on a 'first-come, first-served" basis to lead inter-active classroom sessions using a Scripture-based version of either the "FreeWay" (drug prevention) or the "Peacemaker" (violence prevention) curricula.

Scientific studies have proven that the "FreeWay" curriculum reduced alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among public school students by 19.1 percent. A separate study showed that "Peacemaker' curriculum reduced violent behavior among "high risk" public school students by 13.5 percent.

For Vacation Bible Schools and church camps, a FreeWay Foundation Prevention Specialist may be scheduled for a minimum of three (3) classroom sessions up to a maximum of six (6) classroom sessions per day at the rate of $35 per session taught. The sponsoring church also will be responsible for the Prevention Specialist's round-trip travel expenses from St. Louis, including mileage (or airfare) , meals, and overnight accommodations, if necessary.

For Sunday Schools, a Prevention Specialist may have time to make only one or two classroom presentations. This service is offered at no charge, with the understanding that the presenter would be allowed at least three minutes during the morning worship service to present FreeWay Foundation's mission, and that a special love offering for FreeWay Foundation's work would be promoted and received at that time.

Churches which regularly support FreeWay Foundation (through their annual budgets or by special offerings) may schedule these speakers for Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, and church camps free of charge. (However, a check or a love offering to cover the presenter's travel expenses would be greatly appreciated.)

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