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"E-pistle"   Newsletter for Ministers

FreeWay Ministries publishes a weekly 4-page e-mail newsletter ("e-pistle") to serve the Christian community. It is targeted at assisting and equipping pastors, counselors, and other ministers in the U. S.

"E-pistle" provides one or more of the following each week:
  • a complete sermon manuscript by Dr. Curt Scarborough

  • Bible study notes/outlines on a selected chapter from the Old or New Testament, selected from "Personal & Practical" by Dr. Scarborough

  • feature articles, theological "think-pieces," pastoral counseling hints, family resources, and other helpful materials of interest to persons engaged in Christian ministry

  • information about available FreeWay Foundation workshops, curriculum, resource materials, and services
To sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter, please contact (by e-mail):

Dr. Curt Scarborough, Chancellor