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The Student Union
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You are a click away from Pillsbury's STUDENT UNION!

You, our alumni, are important to us! We want to get to know you better as well as you getting to know fellow alumni better. That is why we have created a special group page on Facebook called PILLSBURY COLLEGE & SEMINARY STUDENT UNION. If you are a Facebook member, just log on and search for us. If you are new to Facebook, simply join free of charge and then go to the PCS Student Union page.

You are encouraged to make friends with other PCS alumni as well as leave your "5WHO" profile on the PCS Student Union page. Simply post your answers to the "5WHO" questions: 5WHO is simply an acronym for 5 questions starting with a "W" and one question each beginning with an "H" and an "O." The 5WHO will let everyone know a little bit of who you are and how you are connected with PCS.

You can also get updates regarding PCS news and events on the student union page.

Why Facebook? It is set up as a social networking program. It is international in scope and it is very easy to make connections with friends and also share information. With PCS alumni all over the world, you can find someone on the same degree track as you are, or offer a prayer request, or discuss some course topic, or whatever you want to do. Please be aware that you can always fine tune your Facebook settings to limit the availability of your personal information as well as allow or disallow access to a limited or to a more expanded profile of yourself. There is great flexibility in the settings so you can make all or part of your information restricted to some or available to all.


(The student union is always open! Here is the actual Facebook link if you want to paste it into your browser or favorites: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45995421867&ref=ts)